Sunday, May 29, 2005

Whats up the past few weeks...

well as mentioned earlier, was busy studying n doing assignments the past few weeks so havent taken the time to update blog.. yah didnt expect to be so busy but when everything builds up n r due at around the same time.. yep! Crunch TimE! nvm its all over .. exams n lessons.. had only 2 exams - Swedish language -> quite do-able and Image Processing -> jialat.. actually is also do-able just that i didnt study enuff.. nvm..

had been walking around town to do some grocery shopping and check out some camera stores.. went thru this street, Tunnelgatan.. in Swedish, gatan means street so this literally translates to Tunnel Street.. n it indeed is a tunnel street as u can see..
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this is in the downtown area.. there r 2 streets separated by a rather high hill.. there r buildings n streets on the hill as this tunnel street saves the hassle of having to climb all the way up n then going down again to reach the other end.. its a rather long stretch of tunnel n its closed after 10pm.. i guess to prevent drunkards or the homeless from taking refuge inside..

why m i checking out camera stores.. u may ask.. yah.. my camera drowned! it was on that fateful day to Helsinki.. someone was late for the boat (leaving in a few minutes) n we had to run... my water bottle cap came off as a result n water flooded my bag.. thus drowning it.. nvm now sending it to be repaired by the Canon Service Center here.. they say my warranty only covers Singapore but will repair it out of goodwill since its only been less than half a year since i bought it.. hopefully it could be repaired b4 i go for my long summer trip.. *crossed my fingers* i m too used to the freedom of snapping pics at anything new or unusual or cant be found in Singapore.. now feeling very restricted and having to take pics using my Song Ericsson camera phone.. sigh..

yah i was also packing up my stuff to be sent to Singapore.. here is pretty cheap 385kr for 10kg to be sent to Singapore.. but the box is rather small.. as u can from the picture below compared to the 5kr Saver Box my gf sent from Singapore
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first time i brought to the ICA supermarket to weigh how heavy it is.. its only 4.6kg!! but i could barely squeeze in any more stuff.. decided to take out my sweaters n put in more heavy stuff.. second time i went its 7.5kg but i tink i have packed enuff n lazy to bring up to my room to put in more stuff.. yah so i sealed n mailed it..

Tried this potato salad selling for around 14kr only (3+ Sing dollars) its 1kg so can eat for quite some time.. eat it with bread n other stuff.. its good n quite fattening i tink with all that salad sauce..
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haha coming up next.. cheapskate way to have lunch for free in Stockholm.. was doing some grocery shopping in the Hemkop in Ahlens City in downtown Stockholm.. not all stuff could be found in the cheap Netto supermarket (pretty limited variety, shld go to big supermarket if want other stuff like masking tape)
yah as mentioned, was doing some shopping when came across several stores of free sampling food..

Pieces of chocolates each with different concentration of cocoa.. tried them all n pretending to ask questions to look interested n try some more.. "Hmmm.. this is nice.. how many % cocoa is in them.. ooooh.. wats that.. how much for them all.. nice taste.." haha but qute nice chocolates they r but not cheap..
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Rice with some sauce in a small sampling plate..
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There r more.. sandwich with some sandwich sauce .. some salmon.. Yoggi yoghurt.. had a unexpectedly good n free tea break while grocery shopping.. they r veyr unlikely to stop u if u take more than 1 serving.. but u have to be thick skinned enuff to do that.. haha

Days r getting so much longer these few days.. the sun sets at around 10pm and gets up at around 2am.. the amt of sunlight at 430am (dont noe why i woke up twice at that time) is as if its 12noon..

yep! Simon's travel agency has reopened.. after closing for exams.. it has reopened to plan trips to Morocco and Norway. will be going on a long summer trip of abt 20 days to Spain, Morocco and Italy.. i m in charge of the Morocco leg of the trip..
after coming back to Sweden for the midsummer festival, will be going to Norway for the first week of July b4 flying back to Singapore.. n then might be planning a trip to Malacca with some friends n of course my "jattetrevling flickvan" (Very Nice girlfriend in Swedish.. have been rather familiar with this word since have been writing them in essays for Swedish class.. haha) Tingyi..

pictures n stuff abt my travels in Denmark n FInland r in the process of being updated.. my previous Easter trip of Czech Republic and Germany n UK will be updated as well.. so stay tuned..


Blogger Björne said...

Hey. Welcome to sweden. I just happen to live in one of those houses on the hill over the tunnel that you were talking about. Hope you are having a great time here. Beware of the ladies, they tend to catch you with there beauty.

3:19 AM  

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